Special Feature 12th May 2024

Dr Rewa Dubhashi | Mother's Day special | 120524

Menarche, the start of menstruation, is a big deal for women. Unfortunately, society sometimes ties a woman's worth to her periods and ability to have kids, leading to lots of misunderstandings and superstitions. Dr. Rewa Dubhashi, a renowned gynaecologist, addresses these issues in her book 'Pali aani barach kahi,' offering clear advice to girls starting their periods and new moms. She talks about everything from menstruation to pregnancy in simple terms, helping women navigate these changes. This Mother's Day, let's celebrate with a summary of Dr. Rewa's insights. #MothersDay #MothersDaySpecial #RewaDubhashi #Health #Women #WomenHealth #Gynaecologist #MenstrualCycle 

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