Special Feature 18th May 2024

Goa Mango Show 2024 | 180524

In this special segment, we bring to you the special initiative 'Mango Show 2024' by The Directorate of Agriculture, Government of Goa at Kala Academy, Panaji. The event is poised to celebrate and promote mango cultivation in the state, showcasing 40 distinct varieties of mangoes grown in the region, such as Malcorado, Alphonso, Bardez Mussarad, Salcet Mussarad, Fernandin, Furtado, Colaco, Cardojo Mankurat, Hilario, Malguesh, Xavier, and many other Goan varieties. Additionally, Indian varieties like Kesar, Nilam, Totapuri, Amarpalli, Ratna, Sindhu, and Mallika are also on display. #Mango #MangoShow2024 #DirectorateOfAgriculture #GovernmentOfGoa #KalaAcademy 

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