DR OSCAR REBELLO 31st Mar 2024


For those of us, wedded in a way to the Congress (Nehruvian if you will) ideology, it is truly dystopian the kind of charade put up by the Congress-AAP combine for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The party appears to lead you into some dark, dysfunctional tunnel, all the while promising you the light.

They hold your hands, vowing they will guide you through treacherous terrain, and protect you from the snakes and reptiles that they claim infest that tunnel.

And then promptly—they disengage their hands from yours in the darkest belly of that tunnel.

And like a jilted lover, you are left alone desolate, bereft, gobsmacked!! 

Because the Congress HAND leaves you, gets wedded to your opponent and flies out of that tunnel in a helicopter provided by the adversary. 

I cannot speak for the rest of the country. 

But there could be nothing, absolutely nothing more pathetic and conniving and bankrupt than the Congress in Goa.

To delay the selection of its candidates, with LS-24 barking at the door, is nothing short of criminal collusion with the BJP and an arrogant slap on the electorate’s face. 

These are the Jokers who are going to save Democracy in Goa and the country.


Spin me another yarn.

You yearn to just spit in their face but then stop to think: what a waste of spit!!

There is no sense of urgency. 

There is no sense of a destination. 

There is no sense of self-survival.

The biggest tragedy of the Goa BJP is that it is suffused with the rotten imports of the Congress, gnawing out every fibre and loyal karyakarta from its system.

One loyal karyakarta at a time. 

And the Opposition Congress, Out of Power, should have summoned all its energy, at least to put up the semblance of a fight to stay freaking relevant. 

But NO!!

Each dastardly, sick—completely sick—Congressman is in a game of one upmanship with his own ilk. 

And Brinkmanship with Goa.

I predict two outcomes now that the race is already underway.

The BJP, with its muscle, money, Modi magic and Machiavellian tactics, will go on to win both seats. Big. Real Big. 

Or else that young upstart or start-up Revolutionary Goans will fill the void that the Congress is wilfully creating.

At least these kids will fight the good fight for Goa.

And stop dragging us into those infernal battles of secularism, communalism and Saving Democracy war cries as well as other hollow slogans designed to keep the Grand Old Party relevant to Goa.

If you guys can't decide even on a basic requirement like putting up a candidate for an election, you should seriously consider 

" Kotten Nak budun jeev divpak "

Shame on you Congress!! 

Do you even know how to spell Shame?

When I spoke to a loyal Congress person asking him to explain this ridiculous delay in announcing the candidate, 

his laconic reply was a classic.

Dotor, he said, like Easter Eggs, the Congress eggs have to be completely fertilized. Only then will we announce.

For us desperate, lost Goans, the chickens have truly come home to roost!!

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