DR OSCAR REBELLO 07th Feb 2024


The latest storm in a tea-cup is the Govind Gaude diatribe against some random officer: 
firing off choice gaalis at him for daring to hold an SC/ ST function in the Govind constituency, without even a by-your-leave with Govind himself. 

Now, this devious officer, clearly aided and abetted by some of Govind rivals, recorded the diatribe, leaked it to certain TV channels and Boom!! The s**t predictably hit the fan!!

Off with the Govind Gaude head is the current battle-cry in the BJP stable of Anti-Corruption. 
So let's analyse this stupid and irrelevant drama that the BJP is playing out, for the consumption of the not-so-gullible Goan public.

Clearly there is a concerted mission to axe Govind from the cabinet.( The Tawadkar corruption Salvo against him part of the same soap opera ) And, hot-headed as he is, he has a penchant for letting his temper tantrums run wild. 
Axe Govind and bring in, most likely, the old war-horse from Margao, Digambar 70+ Kamat back into business. 
Thus these little leaks will keep you busy and hooked onto social media feeds, imagining that the BJP  is mounting some Gaza-like strike against corruption.

This is purely about power-play. It has absolutely nothing to  do with corruption.
Govind is not as ruthlessly cunning as the rest of the Johnnies in the mix. Nor does he have a mass base. Hence he is  as disposable as some old T shirt
After the Modi Mega-Meet in Margao,  Digambar was temple-hopping all night.
Hoping for a favorable outcome it would appear!!

Govind is the easy target. 
There is no way this completely compromised BJP government in Goa will take any action whatsoever against the far more odious and corrupt BJP ministers (especially the rotten Congress imports) who hold sway on the local BJP government, like a python grips its prey. 

Shahjahan may have fuddled figures, no doubt, but the poor sod is not artful enough to cover his tracks. And the abject disgrace that is the Kala Akademi fiasco is still fresh in people's minds.
Hence the Paid Wolves have been unleashed to feast on him. 
Needless to add, his arrogance  makes him that much more despicable to his foes.

There is not an ice-cube chance in hell that this government, now or in the future, is seriously going to address the issue of Corruption in all earnest.
The BJP vote-bank is still giddy on the Ram Mandir success. They see nothing else. 
The opposition parties are busy securing their own turf. Forget  all about democracy. The BJP is going to steamroll home by a mile.  
So battling corruption is on no one's mind at all.  
Battling Govind Gaude, yes. 
But corruption not at all. 
We are truly looking at a long, dreary winter ahead of us.
Where little "nataks" like this will be enacted from time to time, but the relentless March of Corruption in Goa will continue unabated.
Govind Gaude and his cohorts in the cabinet or in Government are not the problem. 
If we look into the looking glass, 
we will clearly see that the culprits are really Us!!
The buck stops firmly at our door!!

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