SUREKHA PANDIT 13th Mar 2024


Taking a tour of my house in the morning is like living by the sea, just sitting on the teal blue sofa and watching the sunrise. It's 6.45 in the morning. My otherwise organised house is quite scattered today. My cook arrives and finishes her morning chores, I try to assemble the study books scattered on the dining table, next to it lies my open laptop with a screen full of bookmarked Google Chrome tabs and a scribble pad.

Chaotic is the word that crops up in my mind more than once through the morning, apt to describe my mind status juggling various tasks at a time. After dabbling in filling the tiffins, getting breakfast ready to sipping my own tea I finally realize that now I am alone. In that free time, I give myself my time to binge-watch what I want, go out, and also utilise it as an ideal time to catch up with my friends. I sort things out at home and most importantly, I think. 
Let’s be real and churn our brains, is the selfie time really utilised here? Is watching your favourite web series the only left-out work in your life? While running the house empire and also parenting kids, the distraction of your concentration in placing your mind to do something productive guilt is likely to be prowling around the corner. But isn’t it worth it? 
I am a creatoholic, which I have titled myself because there is always something cooking up in my mind when I am alone. In fact, this is the primary reason for putting my son in a full-day school.

I do have a regular chat with one of my online friends in Pune. She is an engineer by profession but picked to be a housewife by her choice. She is lucky to have tremendous family support, only she has to manage the entire household work. Taking time out from her kitchen duties, wearing her thinking specs she takes her IT tool back in her hand and starts doing what she thought she could do the best, Writing. When I ask her about it, she says that whenever she thinks of something different, she jots it down immediately leaving aside her tasks. She says “Cooking is the time she is all by herself and is the peak time for her thoughts.”

Cooking and household duties are never-ending stories. The more you are into it the more it gathers. Unless you are a chef and are rewarded for what you do, ignoring it for some time is the best thing you could do. 

Reading, gardening, composting at home, enrolling in a good online course to boost your skills, or setting up a startup have everything to do with your inner self. Creating your own space is strongly connected to our identity. It is how we can face the world positively. It will give you the feeling of being alive.

When my online friend puts on her thinking specs and writes for herself, she gives herself self-space and is getting ready to face the world in a new way. So ladies put on that thinking specs today.....