Special Feature 29th Mar 2024

Sheni Uzzo: Fire bath Holi! | 290324

Among the unique & lesser known festivals of Goa, 'Sheni Uzzo' is one of the most exciting ritual with fire in South Goa. Every year, on the first full moon night after Shigmo, the village of Malkarnem in Quepem, hosts a unique & ancient ritual called 'Sheni Uzzo.' This ceremony serves as a tribute to the founding fathers & beliefs of the village, as well as a celebration of the spring harvest festival. During Sheni Uzo, they use dry cow dung cakes, known as 'sheni' & leaves to create sparks called 'uzzo' by striking them against each other. Villagers dance around the fire created by these sparks, while bare-chested men carry areca nut tree trunks from selected plantations near the Mallikarjun temple. #SheniUzzo #Shigmo #AncientRitual #SouthGoa #GoanCulture #MalkarnemQuepem #HoliWithFire 

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