Special Feature 03rd Jul 2024

CM Sawant should construct a Gau Shala! | T Raja Singh Lodh | 030724

The 12th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan (All India Hindu Rashtra Convention), also known as 'Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav', held at Goa from June 24 to June 30, 2024. The convention witnessed the participation of chiefs from various Hindu organizations, experts from diverse fields, senior advocates, authors, thinkers, businessmen, correspondents, and delegates from several states and countries.In this special episode we had a chat with T Raja Singh Lodh, BJP MLA on Cow Protection in Goa #TRajaSinghLodh #HinduJanajagrutiSamiti #VaishvikHinduRashtraMahotsav #AkhilBharatiyaHinduRashtraAdhiveshan #HinduOrganizations #AllIndiaHinduRashtraConvention #HinduRashtra #VinayakDamodarSavarkar #Goa