GENERAL 12th Jun 2022


The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has decided to restore the ancient Mahadev Temple at Chandor. The Temple was a noted aspect during the era of the Kadamba Dynasty in Goa with Chandrapura (now Chandor) as its Capital. Historians across Goa are concerned about the restoration. The temple remains also has the Nandikeshwara or Nandideva (Nandi Bull) statue. 


Renowned Historian and History Professor Prajal Sakhardande has raised concerns about the Temple renovation work. Sakhardande said, "As per photographic information, ASI has restored the Temple with brand new stones, instead of preserving old stones from the original temple. They have renovated the Temple instead of conserving the heritage structure. It is their responsibility to ensure that heritage structures are preserved with original aspects. Goverment must take cognizance and not permit sale of ancient stones."


Historian Yogesh Nagvekar has claimed that the restoration has not been done properly as per the original structure. The type of bricks part of the original structure have not been used during restoration. Nagvekar has appealed to ASI to issue a statement regarding details of restoration of Mahadev Temple.


Remains of the ancient Mahadev Temple were discovered during escavations in 1930. The remains of the Temple have tales about atrocities by Muhammad Tughlaq and Portuguese.

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