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FOHO Coin was listed on the 15th of August, a day that not only coincides with the Indian Independence Day but also with the 50th Anniversar

FOHO Coin was listed on the 15th of August, a day that not only coincides with the Indian Independence Day but also with the 50th Anniversary of the existence of Fiat currency. The launch will be a boost to democratizing real estate space across the globe. It was listed after a very successful IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) that saw a soft cap of 1.5 million exceed to over 2.2 million with great interest from private investors.

FOHO Coin is the currency that enables the shift from fiat to digital currency for real estate, giving freedom from old ways in the real estate sector. It is through the four pillars of its FOHO ecosystem - FOHO Coin, FOHO Haus, FOHO Work and FOHO Club, that the gap between real estate and crypto currency will now reduce.

The idea was jointly conceived by the two founders respectively. Co- founder of FOHO and CEO & Director of Tangentia, Vijay Thomas, and director of Asia’s largest home rental company, Tripvillas, Roshan D’Silva, worked meticulously to introduce FOHO Coin. The aim was to create a block chain-based transparent and trust-incentivizing system to democratize real estate.

FOHO Coin is a global real estate crypto currency built from Goa, a state that has drawn interest from clientele across India and overseas.

It is set to build the real estate coin of the future from Goa. “FOHO will bridge the gap between the real world and crypto currencies and allow for a safer, more decentralized way to invest in hard assets,” says Founder, Vijay Thomas.

The focus is to ensure that the best deals come onto the platform. “We believe that both sellers and investors will see the value and FOHO will become the place to invest in properties,” Roshan D’Silva says. The founders are ecstatic to conclude the agreement with Bitbns, the trading agency to launch their initial exchange offering.

Trading is currently open on the Bitbns platforms, one of India’s largest crypto exchanges in terms of volume and will shortly commence subsequent listings elsewhere, informs co-founder, FOHO, Roshan D’Silva.

Launched on July 27, 2021 on the Ascent by Bitbns Launchpad, FOHO Coin is the main lifeline of the FOHO Ecosystem that enables participation in some parts of this Ecosystem.

Prior to the launch, FOHO Coin exceeded soft cap with 2.2 Million USD from Private Placement Investors through the pre- Initial Exchange Offering while live trading has begun today, Sunday, August 15, 2021. 

FOHO is to the real estate space, what Uber is to the car-rentals industry. FOHO is enabling the fractional real estate ecosystem of the future and FOHO Coin is the first step to entering this shared economy,” says a renowned personality in the crypto space and a member of the FOHO advisory board, Jason Fernandes. 

Besides, two Goans are on the advisory committee of FOHO, blockchain industry figure, Jason Fernandes and award-winning marketer, Floyd Tavares.

The team soon plans on listing the Coin on other platforms as they gear up for the launch of the remaining ecosystem.

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