Astitva 30th Oct 2021

Drug Addiction Awareness: Fr. Joseph Pereira | KRIPA Foundation | Astitva | Prudent | 301021

Drug Addiction Awareness Drug and Alcohol addiction currently plagues millions of Indian youngsters than ever before. Experts tell us children as young as 13 and 14 regularly experiment with intoxicants. We need to give special attention to our young community who have never abused and first time users. We also very urgently need to focus on better youth de-addiction centres for the present addicts. In this month’s topic we speak on Drug Addiction Awareness with Fr. Joe Pereira Settler Trustee & Founder of KRIPA Foundation, which started its journey in 1981 and has been helping people deal with substance abuse over time. We also understand how Goa stands in approaching substance abuse and what the way forward is? Inner Wheel Club of Mapusa & Prudent brings to you Astitva a series featuring various issues of the Society that we live in. 

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