Goa IFFI to have konkani and Marathi sections, Film Festival complex work will begin in January 2015, Goa is IFFI permanent venue- Javdekar Cabinet dissolves Goa Tillari Corporation, Govt to donate 5 crore to Kashmir relief fund, Govt to open special account for J and K donations I and B Ministry signs IFFI-2014 MoU with Goa Govt in presence of I and B Minister Prakash Javdekar, Goa to be permanent venue for IFFI I & B, Environment Minister Prakash Javdekar's meeting with Chief Minister Parrikar today, meeting to discuss IFFI-2014, Goa mining issues CM's meet with Nationalised Bankers' on Wed to discuss OTS scheme to Mining Truck, Machine, Barge owners, meet with Co-op Banks on 19th Panaji CCP meet forms panel of councillors to prepare action plan on pay parking Only 1 lease valid till 2018 in Goa, 10 leases under deemed extension- State govt to MoEF, no mention of stamp duty paid 27 leases in reply ACB interrogates RTO LDC Mapusa Meena Tuekar, raids her Ucassaim house, Meena says senior officer forced her into corruption SIT's FIR against J Alemao, A Salgaocar, Prudent access Mine's Dept's inspection report on Ansi-Dongor, Kurpem mine,report holds both guilty SP triumphs in UP, Cong in Rajasthan, BJP in West Bengal, questions over Modi magic and Amit Shah's strategy ahead of 2 state Assembly polls
Konkani News on 21st Sep '12

Sarvajanik Ganpati


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Jerome D'souza Margao
24th Sep '12 9:00 pm
Honest people are always targeted for wrong doing, 10yrs congress ruled with full corruption, where was Reginaldo or Vijay Sardesai.
thomas ponda
22nd Sep '12 8:03 pm
Those who guilty must punish.

I don't care B.J.P .

I care Mr. Parriker, keep it up ....
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Konkani News

कोंकणी खबरो - सत्य परिस्थितीचें चित्रण

प्रुडंट हो गोंयचो नामनेचो टीव्ही चॅनल सद्दां रातीं कोंकणी खबरांचें खबरांचित्र हाडटा.

कोंकणी आनी इंग्लीश खबराचित्रांत पयल्यो दोन वा तीन खबरो एकूच आसतात. पूण हेर सगळ्यो खबरो दोनूय खबराचित्रांनी वेगवेगळ्यो आसतात.

प्रुडंटाचे तरणे आनी उमेदीचे खबरांकार गोंयच्या खांची कोनशांनी भोंवतात, खंयच्याय वगतार घडणुकेच्या थळार धांवन वतात आनी सत्य परिस्थितीचें चित्रण दर्शकालागीं पावयतात.

तशीच म्हत्वाची घडणूक घडली जाल्यार प्रुडंट खाशेलें लायव्ह खबरांचित्र चलयता. असल्या वेळार चित्रीकरण केल्ली खबर पावोवपाक उशीर जालो तरी फोना वेल्यान पुराय घडणुकेचें चित्रण प्रुडंटाचे खबरांकार ह्या लायव्ह खाशेल्या खबरांपत्रांतल्यान दितात.

खंयचेय घडणुकेचें चित्रण करपा खातीर तुमकां प्रुडंटाच्या खबरांकाराची गरज जाय जाल्यार तुमी पयल्या होम पानावेल्या कॉंटॅक्ट ह्या विभागांत वचून तांची म्हायती घेवपाक शकतात वा हांगां क्लिक करूंक शकतात. ताका जमता ते प्रमाण ही घडणूक कव्हर करपाचो तो यत्न करतलो.