GSIDC to review works by S N Bhobe as consultant for projects worth 1,500 cr, arrest warrant against Bhobe in Gujrat after flyover collapse E-auction of coal mines to meet demand of private sector; Govt to allocate coal blocks for states and Govt agencies involved in coal mining Luizinho Faleiro begins with changes, restructures spokespersons panel, Deshprabhu and Kawthankar in, Durgadas Kamat, Pratima Coutinho out Defending champions Mohammedan Sporting pull out of Durand Cup, reportedly due to financial crisis 127th Durand Cup kicks off in style; AIFF XI & Goa Velha SC win on first day; AIFF beat YC Chandigarh 5-0, Goa Velha beat Corps of Signals 2-1 Enforcement Directorate attaches Rs. 80 lakh worth property of Pharmacy owner Norman Azavedo from Calangute in money laundering case Look out notice issued against former sarpanch of Sancoale Ramakant Borkar 123 yr old Football Club of India, Mohammedan Sporting Club to shut down due to financial crisis, Couldn't pay salaries for 3 months MHA advisory to states ahead of Diwali to avoid communal flare ups, alert to cops to avoid forcible installation of idols at disputed sites Ban on Sri Ram Sene extended for 60 more days in Goa
Konkani News on 21st Sep '12

Sarvajanik Ganpati


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Jerome D'souza Margao
24th Sep '12 9:00 pm
Honest people are always targeted for wrong doing, 10yrs congress ruled with full corruption, where was Reginaldo or Vijay Sardesai.
thomas ponda
22nd Sep '12 8:03 pm
Those who guilty must punish.

I don't care B.J.P .

I care Mr. Parriker, keep it up ....
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Konkani News

कोंकणी खबरो - सत्य परिस्थितीचें चित्रण

प्रुडंट हो गोंयचो नामनेचो टीव्ही चॅनल सद्दां रातीं कोंकणी खबरांचें खबरांचित्र हाडटा.

कोंकणी आनी इंग्लीश खबराचित्रांत पयल्यो दोन वा तीन खबरो एकूच आसतात. पूण हेर सगळ्यो खबरो दोनूय खबराचित्रांनी वेगवेगळ्यो आसतात.

प्रुडंटाचे तरणे आनी उमेदीचे खबरांकार गोंयच्या खांची कोनशांनी भोंवतात, खंयच्याय वगतार घडणुकेच्या थळार धांवन वतात आनी सत्य परिस्थितीचें चित्रण दर्शकालागीं पावयतात.

तशीच म्हत्वाची घडणूक घडली जाल्यार प्रुडंट खाशेलें लायव्ह खबरांचित्र चलयता. असल्या वेळार चित्रीकरण केल्ली खबर पावोवपाक उशीर जालो तरी फोना वेल्यान पुराय घडणुकेचें चित्रण प्रुडंटाचे खबरांकार ह्या लायव्ह खाशेल्या खबरांपत्रांतल्यान दितात.

खंयचेय घडणुकेचें चित्रण करपा खातीर तुमकां प्रुडंटाच्या खबरांकाराची गरज जाय जाल्यार तुमी पयल्या होम पानावेल्या कॉंटॅक्ट ह्या विभागांत वचून तांची म्हायती घेवपाक शकतात वा हांगां क्लिक करूंक शकतात. ताका जमता ते प्रमाण ही घडणूक कव्हर करपाचो तो यत्न करतलो.