Ministers will be available for public in Porvorim Mantralaya on Monday and Friday and twice at District headquarters in a month- CM Govt to renew 3 more mining leases in next couple of days, total renewed leases to be 16, mining to resume soon- CM Parsekar Govt may reconsider Tenancy 'sunset clause', amendment will not be withdrawn, CM justifies move saying all 40 MLAs supported it in assembly 3 robberies at Nuvem, 2 foiled, house ransacked, robbers escape with valuables, caught on CCTV camera, shopkeepers blame 'police patrol' Congress filed vigilance complaint for alleged irregularities in IFFI tendering 88 workers arrested for destroying mangroves at Diwar island Concessionaire of Mopa Airport will have to manage their show on own, Govt shies away from ensuring air traffic for bidders in RFQ replies Vijai Sardessai cannot dictate agenda for Govt on Regional Plan, slams CM, GBA demands audit of all sanads given after freezing RP-2021 Congress demands withdrawal of tenancy amendment, increase number judicial officers and courts Goa voted as 'Favourite Leisure Destination' at Reader Travel Awards
Konkani News on 21st Sep '12

Sarvajanik Ganpati


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Jerome D'souza Margao
24th Sep '12 9:00 pm
Honest people are always targeted for wrong doing, 10yrs congress ruled with full corruption, where was Reginaldo or Vijay Sardesai.
thomas ponda
22nd Sep '12 8:03 pm
Those who guilty must punish.

I don't care B.J.P .

I care Mr. Parriker, keep it up ....
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Konkani News

कोंकणी खबरो - सत्य परिस्थितीचें चित्रण

प्रुडंट हो गोंयचो नामनेचो टीव्ही चॅनल सद्दां रातीं कोंकणी खबरांचें खबरांचित्र हाडटा.

कोंकणी आनी इंग्लीश खबराचित्रांत पयल्यो दोन वा तीन खबरो एकूच आसतात. पूण हेर सगळ्यो खबरो दोनूय खबराचित्रांनी वेगवेगळ्यो आसतात.

प्रुडंटाचे तरणे आनी उमेदीचे खबरांकार गोंयच्या खांची कोनशांनी भोंवतात, खंयच्याय वगतार घडणुकेच्या थळार धांवन वतात आनी सत्य परिस्थितीचें चित्रण दर्शकालागीं पावयतात.

तशीच म्हत्वाची घडणूक घडली जाल्यार प्रुडंट खाशेलें लायव्ह खबरांचित्र चलयता. असल्या वेळार चित्रीकरण केल्ली खबर पावोवपाक उशीर जालो तरी फोना वेल्यान पुराय घडणुकेचें चित्रण प्रुडंटाचे खबरांकार ह्या लायव्ह खाशेल्या खबरांपत्रांतल्यान दितात.

खंयचेय घडणुकेचें चित्रण करपा खातीर तुमकां प्रुडंटाच्या खबरांकाराची गरज जाय जाल्यार तुमी पयल्या होम पानावेल्या कॉंटॅक्ट ह्या विभागांत वचून तांची म्हायती घेवपाक शकतात वा हांगां क्लिक करूंक शकतात. ताका जमता ते प्रमाण ही घडणूक कव्हर करपाचो तो यत्न करतलो.