SAG raises assistance for sports associations from 5 lac to 8 lac, SAG seeks raising of assistance to sports activities to 55 cr from 22 cr Gonzac Rebello withdraws his resignation as Chairperson of Margao Municipality Sources say: Expert Committee recommends 35 million tonnes of capping for Goan mining, submits it's report to Supreme court Mickky has 2 passports, claims petitioner before JMFC court, Passport office denies claims, Govt appoints special counsel in Mickky case Goa needs to get hefty compensation from United Nations for declaring Western Ghats as biodiversity hotspot; AG pegs compensation at $ 1 bn Tremors still shakes Nepal, over 3,700 dead in Nepal earthquake, 6,500 injured, 72 die in India, death count to rise further Football provides safe ground to coach Maymol Rocky and young Goan players, Ashika Gadekar recounts scary moments in Nepal Goan players in Under-14 girls football team land safely in Goa, 3 Goan girl footballers and coach were stranded in Nepal due to earthquake First meeting of North Goa ZP adjourned without discussion on agenda, as some members did not get notice of meeting, ZPs blame C.O for chaos
English News on 11th Feb '14

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