Dump mining feasible in Goa if Govt adopts proper measures, Expert Committee says classify dumps as stable & unstable dumps   |   Cylinder blast at Kamrabhat- Taleigao, house gutted in fire, occupants of house out of Goa, estimated loss not known   |   Kishore Naik Gaonkar elected as new president of Goa Union of Journalist, new executive committee elected   |   Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Goa unit, Seizes 2100 cartoon foreign cigarettes worth 50.4 lakhs at Unaccompanied Baggage Centre, Sada   |   Goa Enforcement Directorate quizzes BCCI CEO Rahul Johri in 'GCA-BCCI Fund Fraud', CEO provides details of funds disbursed by BCCI to GCA   |   16 de-reserved wards in 13 Panchayats will be treated as 'General', elections to be held as per schedule on Jun 11, HC's green signal to SEC   |   GSM launches Goa Suraksha Yuva Vahini a youth wing, Hrudaynath Shirodkar is appointed as the President & Mahesh Mhambre as GS   |   Congress in Goa slams Modi Govt for economic polices & growing violence, calls demonetization 'economic blunder', 'Make in India' a failure   |   Goa Police detect 15 cases of criminals in frauds,drug trade using wrongly purchased SIM cards,cops raise issue of info sharing with Telecos   |   Govt appoints outgoing Sarpanch as administrator on respective panchayat from 27 May till new panchayat body takes charge of panchayat

Gajali | गजाली

An informal chat with eminent personalities at local, national as well as international level in various fields of Art, Literature, Science, Research, Academics etc.

गोंय, भारत आनी जागतीक पावंड्यार नामना मेळयिल्ल्या खडेगांठ व्यक्तिमत्वांलागीं मुक्तपणान गजाली मारीत तांच्या व्यक्तिमत्वाची वळख करून दिवपाची चिंतनशील कार्यावळ



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